The recall is over!

Dorne Arrested Tuesday April 13, 2004 resigns the next day!


Mug Shot


Link to Miami State Attorney web site with arrest specifics

Commissioner Abeccasis was also arrested with Dorne

Dorne letter of resignation

Abecassis letter of resignation


Dorne has crossed the line countless times by having North Bay Village Police drag residents out of City Hall Commission Meetings when he does not like what they have to say.  Dorne does not understand that we live in the United States of America, and that citizens have a Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment.  He will learn one of the laws of this country however, when he gets recalled under the State of Florida Statue 100.361. 


Here I am addressing the commission, during the Good and Welfare portion of a monthly commission meeting.  Dorne directs the police to come to the podium because he does not like what I have to say.  Prior to the police coming to the podium he is constantly interrupting my comments, and acting like the Dictator that he thinks he is.


Dorne has the police remove the microphone from my hand.  Dorne has the police physically remove me from the commission meeting.


I am taken outside to the parking lot

For those who have approached me in their desire to get rid of Dorne, we now have a plan of action.  250 signatures on a recall petition is all we need.  We then will have a recall election, and can finally get rid of a man, who thinks that North Bay Village is his private country, where he can do whatever he wants.  Please email me at or call 305-754-9203 to volunteer your support.  Thank you.

Fane Lozman                   

speech that started the recall process at the 13 January 2004 City Commission meeting


speech at the 16 March 2004 City Commission meeting that defends City Manager Jim Vardalis against a failed conspiracy Dorne orchestrated to fire the City Manager



11 March 2004 New Times


"Avenging Angel of North Bay Village" Misbehave and Fane Lozman will bust your ass.

by Francisco Alvarado





Thug meets Pug, the first in a series of New Times stories by Francisco Alvarado that focuses on

corruption in North Bay Village   has links to all the other stories.


Statement of Grounds for the Recall of Mayor Dorne

Per section 1(a) of the recall statute, limited to 200 words

 The question for determining the validity of the recall is whether interference by Mayor Dorne with the most precious right in this country, the right to freedom of speech, fits within the definitions of “misfeasance” or “malfeasance.” 


How safe is our liberty to walk around as a free person if Mayor Dorne can stifle free speech and prevent us from speaking when we want to speak?  If a public official can successfully stifle the freedom of speech, then how big a leap will it be to attempt to stifle our liberty to go where, when and how we want.


The stifling of public speech on public issues by Mayor Dorne cannot fit within and is not analogous to the stopping of irresponsible speech, an example being falsely yelling fire in a crowded theatre.  It is instead the very essence of misfeasance since it is an “improper” attempt to do that which can properly be done, in this case commenting at Commission meetings.  Put another way, the stifling of public speech on public issues by Mayor Dorne is also the very essence of malfeasance, because it is “the doing of an act which a person ought not do at all.”


Recall Committee for North Bay Village Mayor Alan Dorne


Updated 22 April  2004

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